Addison and I arrived in Cusco last night around 1030. We met a couple of guys from Chicago, the first Americans we have seen besides Rachel and Terry. They hitched a ride with us to our hotel and then left. Cusco is a neat city with somewhat of a European feel. Today we are taking a tour of I think some landmarks, Macchu Pichu tomorrow, and a city tour Monday before heading back to La Paz Monday night. I am uber excited about Macchu Pichu, a place I have wanted to see since the first time I came to Peru in 2005. We were unaware time changed and thus awoke an hour early. We found out because we thought our tour agency was late but the recepcionist at the hotel pointed to the clock. I felt like an idiot. I walked outside this morning around 730 (but really 630) and everything was quiet. I was like, man this town is dead.

SPECIAL NOTE: * To all of our financial supporters, no worries. We are using personal money for this trip.