Did you brave the lines on Black Friday or watch football while enjoying a leftover turkey sandwich? If you decided to wait and find online deals today, your shopping can help SIFAT. Two great sites – iGive.com and Goodshop.com – let you choose stores that will donate a percentage of your purchase to the nonprofit of your choice! Coupons are often available from retailers to help you save on purchases.
So how does this work? Does it take a lot of extra time? Is it confusing? If you are unsure what we are talking about, let’s walk through an example of something our staff does at SIFAT regularly. When we are ready to purchase office supplies, we visit www.goodshop.com, choose SIFAT as our organization to be helped and pick our retailer. The site then forwards us to the retailer’s site. We then order everything as usual. It only takes a few seconds longer and is simple to follow.
iGive.com requires a free membership, but will track your shopping and online searching to let you know how much you have contributed. Visit www.igive.com to start shopping.

Goodshop.com is free and requires no membership. It will not track what you individually have raised, but you can check to see how the cause (SIFAT) is doing. We receive a yearly check for what is raised between September of this year and October of next year. We recently received our ’08-’09 check for almost $90. The more you shop or search, the more we receive! Visit www.goodshop.com for more information.