Rachel asked me to teach computer and English lessons. I have almost 6 classess a day, and a Chinese class with 2-3 boys. And a session/playtime with the elementary kids, 6 of them..

I think my favorite is my time with the elementary kids. We just read stories and play and do crafts. Its more like  a Sunday School.

The other day, I taught the kids to do stamping on cards. I told them to make cards for their mother for Mother’s Day. One kid, Julio said I don’t have my mother, she passed away when I was 7. The other kid, Zorayda said,”I don’t have a mother too.” Another kid reacted, no we have.(her sister) Zorayda said, (she is like 9 years old but she looks like 6 years old),  “I don’t like my mother. She left us and she has  another boy”.

They still made the cards, and they got crazy about stamping.  They stamped the whole page of the cards with different images and colors. The two of them, wrote: “ Para mi padre (for my father)”

( for a mother’s day card)”.