www.sifat.org has changed! Have you noticed the differences? We now have an e-newsletter and update list you can register for, online calendars, online donations and current photos and information. During the process of getting our new site finished, please “pardon our progress” – we still have some minor problems to work out and fix.

The look of the blog will change as we learn how to make it look more like our site. We need to get the calendars posted correctly, so you can find the correct events and a few broken links probably exist. Please hang in for a couple of weeks while we make the needed adjustments.

But, we would like you to look around the site and become familiar with where everything can be found now! We have special sections for training, missions and children and youth. We also have a news tab that will let you read the latest articles about SIFAT.

How can you help the website?

  1. Let your friends know that we’ve updated it.
  2. Let Marie (lanierm@sifat.org) know if you find any problems.
  3. Frequently check the blog for updates about SIFAT. You can also comment about the posts (articles) you read.
  4. Use it!

Click below to learn about blogging.
What is a blog? How do I use it?

A blog – or weblog – is simply a way SIFAT can easily update you with articles (called posts) and news. You can read the posts, make comments and join discussions. Comments let you give us more information about something we’ve posted, provide encouragement or make suggestions. Commenting begins a discussion among readers. You’re also able to comment about comments! It may seem confusing, but just try it and see what you think!
If you have written anything about a mission trip, experience on SIFAT’s international campus or other SIFAT moment, please submit it to Marie, and it could get posted to the blog to share with others. We would like to be able to share with one another how SIFAT is making a difference in the lives of Americans and our international work.