Once again, I apologize for my poor writing from last time. Im sorry for grammatical and typo error. I meant to say last time, “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not break”.

(Please excuse my writing as English is not my first language.And I am still struggling to learn my fourth language-Spanish)

Just a quick update. Our kids continue to have the mini-olympics with the colegio (middle and high school). Our girls fotsal team won because the other team did not show up.

It was a bit challenging witht the girls basketball team, as last week, Rachel was in La Paz. The girls did not had a coach for practice and the game. Ruth the dorm mother, usually come to the game. But during the game she had to go somewhere. I was left with the team who had to play against the team from the senior year (whose players were much bigger and taller). They just swept our girls (like cats against small ants). With my little knowledge of playing basketball, I wanted to do some encouragement and coaching with our girls, however, I did not have words to use for playing  basketball in Spanish. I tried to tell our girls what  might help, but they just looked at me as if saying “what do you know about basketball?”, or ” what are you trying to say?”

Anyway, it was still fun afterall, though the Internado girls scored half of the other team´s score.

We were also blessed last week with the visit of Tom Corson , SIFAT´s Director in Alabama.It was short but good. I continue to have computer and English classes everyday with the kids. Its fun also to as the kids learn more stuff in the computer.

Blessings to yall,