Our current intern in Ixiamas, Bolivia, is 2008 Practicum graduate Becky Forrest. During Practicum, Becky shared her experience on our blog. Now that she is in an intetn in Bolivia, she will post updates as our interns in 2008 did. Becky served on short-term mission trips in 2007 and 2008 in Ixiamas.

It doesn’t seem possible that I have been in Bolivia for two weeks. Time has been flying by, and although Spanish is improving, it still has a long way to go. Pastor Ivan Roman has been a very patient teacher. Along with Spanish lessons, he and his family have taken me in and given me some very delicious local meals with a few Puerto Rican dishes thrown in. One was a stew containing tripe. This was a first for me, but I did take a try at it. It was sort of like eating frog legs for me I just couldn’t get past the mental thing, but the stew itself was very tasty.

I joined the family for a trip up to Alto for Bible school with the children there. Unfortunately, I left my camera at the hotel and missed out on some beautiful pictures of some very dear children. The Christian brothers and sisters of Bolivia have been so warm and welcoming. I have enjoyed two services with Pastor Ivan in his home church. Today I actually was able to join in with most of the songs. One evening before Rachel and Mateo left for Ixiamas, Mateo’s church had a special prayer service at his parents’ home. This was a very spirit filled evening that I will always remember.

I cannot thank everyone enough for their prayers and support. It means so much to know that I have so many praying for me from all over the world. I have had many emails from my SIFAT Practicum family assuring me that I am in their prayers as I begin this new journey of my life. Many of them have much persecution in their countries and they also need the prayers of all who read this.

On Thursday, I will be traveling to Ixiamas. I will be so glad to get to the Internado and see the kids. They will help me improve my Spanish very quickly. My posts will be much more interesting when I am living at the Internado.

Hasta luego

Hermana Rebecca (Becky)