Do you ever want to give more to SIFAT, but find that you don’t have much spare change to contribute? We have many ways of donating to SIFAT – financially, volunteering, wish list items. However, you can sometimes give indirectly to SIFAT by continuing your daily routines! Using the Internet can help SIFAT!
In the past, we’ve shared about giving using GoodSearch and GoodShop. By looking at our results, many of you are getting involved and donating this way. Now, we want to share another option for donating to SIFAT while using the Internet in your daily life!

You can sign up for iGive (it’s free!), choose SIFAT-Servants in Faith and Technology as your charity and start searching the web or shopping online. Unlike GoodSearch and GoodShop (where you do not have to sign up), members have the option of sharing theirnames to SIFAT, as well as getting tax-deductions for the donations. Each iSearchiGive search gives two cents to SIFAT, and through iGive shopping, percentages from your purchase are given by the merchants to SIFAT. Click here to see what stores are part of the Mall at iGive. More stores are being added daily. The direct links are or