Sunday night, Rachel told Addison and Jarred that the van to Rurrenabaque would be leaving at 4 a.m. Monday morning and they would need to be up by 3:30 in order to make it into town before the van departed. They slept peacefully, as if it was the night before Christmas and all through the Internado was well, except for the mice in the wall by their heads. The young, handsome men woke to the booming of a sub-tropical monsoon that little did they know would not cease until 10 a.m. Addison, the bravest of the two, put his life in the hands of the Lord, started the moto promptly at 3:42 a.m., and drove into town through the relentless rain in search of an answer as to whether or not they would be leaving. Jarred stood motionless, watching the taillight fade into the storm and thinking, man, its pretty wet out there. Addison returned at 3:58 with an affirmative response from the driver whom who awakened. Even so, the young men and lady decided not to use their ticket and wait for a time when they thought the rivers were crossable for sure. In a nondramatic turn of events, the vans departure had been postponed until 3 p.m. on the same day. The trio carried their luggage into town along with no idea of when, or if, they would return. They boarded the van along with 11 other citizens of Ixiamas with the goal of eating supper in R’town. The van reached a distance of 200 yards when the conductor received word that the series of creeks between the two towns were un-fordable. The departure was delayed 12 more hours until 4 the following morning. The third time was the charm. The trio arrived in R-town in time for breakfast Tuesday morning and to purchase floata tickets to La Paz. The 20-plus hour journey had the trio encountering a delay due to an apparent landslide of somesort that had held up traffic for an undetermined amount of time. or, predetermined depending on your view of Calvinism. The journey also had Addison fending off a pack of arctic wolves with only a dull arrowhead fossil. Jarred slept most of the time. Rachel talked with strangers. The three amigos arrived in La Paz at 6 a.m. local time, and they are now, with the exception of the lady whose whereabouts is unknown, restfully sleeping in Hotel Sagarnaga after the men hunted and found the #1 Whopper Value Meal.

Nathan ‘Watson and Crick’ Paulk, Jamie ´The Cannibal´ Waldhour, and the rest of the Domestic Staff

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