Hola everyone, all is well. Last night we went to the Bolivia vs Peru soccer game and it was quite amazing. Bolivia won 2 to 1 so big victory for the home country. I have never been to a game with so much energy at certain points. It was a blast. We caught a soccer ball that was thrown into the stands, we both were pretty pumped. We woke up this morning and headed to the market with Rachel, Mateo, and Judith. We got supplies for Ixiamas and just walked around for about four hours then had lunch. It was interesting because it was up in the altiplano region just outside of La Paz and the people were not really used to seeing (Greengos) or basically Caucasian people. We got a lot that we needed though so we will be ready for Ixiamos. After the market we went to Mateo’s house to meet his ‘family – Addison

Mateos family were extremely nice and welcoming. We looked at a ton of pictures and played with his nephew, Ziki, and two neices Paola and Nicole. They were alot of fun. Mateo’s sister-in-law gave us a mug of arroz con leche which was delicious. Basically, it was just hot milk, rice, and cinnamon. We played with lots of stuffed animals including pumba, simba, nala, a panda bear, and a killer whale. We leave for Ixiamas tomorrow at 11 am and are excited about getting to work at the internado.-Jarred