It is the last day.  Jarred and I board a plan for Santa Cruz, Miami, and then Atlanta tommorrow at 6:45am.  Since tuesday we have been staying in El Alto with Filex and Christina Toremino and their three beautiful children Paula, Nicole, and Israel.  Filex is Mateo’s brother (Mateo being the director of the Internada).  We went to church with them last night and it was awesome.  Today we just got back from the Zoo and I dont even have to say anymore about that.  It was a blast.  This morning we woke up at 5:00 to pick Vicky up.  She is safe and sound in the Hotel as we speak.  She is a little tired from two days straight in a plane changing over in Manilla, Tokyo, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, then finally arriving in La Paz.  She is a champ and is only a little out of it from the altittude.  I think I can speak for Jarred and myself when I say that the hearts and lives of the people we have come in contact with has been what has meant the most to us both.  We have not had time to sit back and fully take it all in but we know we will remember the faces of the people who have shown us the love of a God in all the have done. -Addison