We are SO excited to introduce to you….


YOUR Learn & Serve Counselors for summer 2010!!!

(From top to bottom, left to right – Hillary, Hamp, Taylor, Leah, Leigh, Lauren, Bryan, Carter)

Fruit Logo

All eight of the counselors arrived at SIFAT last weekend and have been spending their entire week preparing for an INCREDIBLE summer. This is such a special group of people who are all blessed with wonderful personalities, gifted with special talents, and are super pumped about hanging out with youth this summer!

Three of our counselors (Carter, Hillary, and Taylor) have been campers at SIFAT, and are now apart of our summer staff. What a wonderful example of the fruit and the growth of our Learn & Serve summer camp over the past few years!

This year, the L & S theme is “Fruit”. Each of the counselors will be leading youth of all different ages and from all different states, including: Alabama, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, and even Illinois.

The counselors will be asking these youth, “Where is the fruit in our lives?”, and they will help lead a discussion of the process that it takes to produce fruit that brings glory to God.

This summer has started off in a super great way and we are SO pumped ecstatic about meeting our first group of campers that will get here on Sunday, May 30th!

Keep checking back here for updates every Friday to see pictures of everything we are doing and learning this summer! Also, pictures will be posted on SIFAT’s Facebook page, so check for those updates as well!

We are still on the look out for people who are interested in helping out for a few weeks out of the summer. FLEX STAFF is looking for YOU to help us out in anyway you are able! Contact Mary MacInnis at learnandserve@sifat.org to find out more information about volunteering this summer.