Learn & Serve: Spring 2013 Around the World Field Trips

Happy 2013! Learn & Serve is excited to begin celebrating another year and looks forward to hosting many groups this coming spring! Spring is a great time to bring a group to SIFAT to engage in the multiple programs Learn & Serve has to offer.  While Learn & Serve offers overnight retreats, an interactive day trip called Around the World is also offered that is especially appropriate for public, private, and home-school groups, as well as families and scout troops.

A participant crosses a model Andean rope bridge in our Global Village during an Around the World rotation.

Through Around the World, students are provided with an opportunity to participate in hands-on activities with an international perspective, while focusing on the geography and cultural studies of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Additionally, this program introduces students to basic and simple Appropriate Technologies.

Tortillas are a staple food item in Latin American countries, and here participants make their own corn tortillas while learning about Guatemala.


A typical Around the World begins with an introduction to the day and a short hike to our Global Village. From there, participants travel to different countries represented in our Village. Staff members will facilitate learning through teaching and hands-on activities and Appropriate Technologies. Participants have the opportunity to learn about the world through experiencing examples of different cultures. They might make hand-made tortillas in Guatemala while learning about the workload of Guatemalan women, build a fire in a fuel-efficient cook-stove in Uganda, or make bricks in the traditional styles used in many countries across the globe. Around the World focuses on bridging the gap between learning and experiencing to help students broaden their worldview.

Students work together to make Adobe bricks out of mud, straw, and water during Around the World.

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