So today Jarred and I woke up expecting a normal day. That was before we were placed with the task of putting together Mary Beth´s shelf. It all started when I was going down to the river to put up a rope swing for the boys. I was seeing if Jarred wanted to come along but he told me that he was going to stay and put together the shelf thingy. I thought nothing of it and went to play. Coming back 45 min later I went to check on the progress to find a flustered Jarred standing over several black poles and couplers. I looked at the directions and after about ten seconds realized that they were useless. First we decided to move it outside so we could see better. Then began what became about an hour or more of wrong length poles into couplers that did not fit to using any tool we could find to make the pieces work. It was the most confusing thing I have ever done. You would think that with Jarred´s degree and my year and a half of college and not to mention a summer as a learn and serve counselor we could figure it out with relative ease but nope. After about an hour we finally got it together and in a very victorious moment placed it on the table were we eat so everyone could see what we did. They did not get it they just thought we were confused and were putting her shelf on the table because we thought she wanted it their ha. It was glorious. Besides shelves that have wrong instructions and different pieces all is well. The rice harvest went well it was hot but good we worked all day Saturday and then half day Sunday and got just about all of it harvested. We have lots of interesting stories from those two days alone that words do not do justice. Did you know that ten year old Bolivian kids know how to play chess? Neither did we but its freaking cool. ha…thanks for the prayers.