Gerald and Sue Paulk are currently in Uganda on a mission trip sponsored by Four Corners, a ministry with whom SIFAT has partnered many times. SIFAT executive director Tom Corson and international team coordinator Peggy Walker are also on this trip. While in Africa, they are serving with William Nsubuga and his son Sean at Agape Total Childcare Center. William, a SIFAT graduate, started an orphanage in Lugazi for children whose parents died because of HIV/AIDS.
Day 4: Moving Day

Today, we relocated from the Colline Hotel in downtown Mukono to the Rainforest Lodge in the Mabira Rainforest, much closer to and about 6 miles from the Orphanage. This Paradise, uh…we mean “facility”, is one the new geo-lodges in Africa constructed of native woods, stones, solar hot water heaters, and if Tarzan and Jane (if they REALLY ever existed and lived somewhere in the 21st century), it would definitely be here. Needing a few “grocery” items, we drove a mere 30 miles to Kampala (actually William “drove” as one would use that term in a very general sense). We went to a “mall” which had, among other stores and shops, a K-Mart, kinda, and a Piggly Wiggly, kinda. We made our purchases, exchanged some money, and traveled back to the Rainforest Lodge.

After we were settled in our cottage, we enjoyed a gourmet meal under the stars in the heart of Mabira Rainforest. Before dinner, we were attracted to the fire pit adjacent to the dining area by several laughing and conversant “mazungus” (“white person from the west”). Now bear with us: in the first 4 days in Uganda, we have seen a total of 5 muzungus, anywhere-anytime. Now we see 6 in one setting. As many of you know, we were born/raised in Montgomery, Alabama, USA.  So, we strike up a conversation, and detecting this one guy with an almost Southern accent, we ask “Where ya from…originally”, and HE says “Montgomery, Al”. [Rest of story later]

It’s Saturday, but Sunday’s a’comin, and we’re looking forward to worshiping with the locals here in Uganda.