Yesterday was good we woke up and Mr. Terry decided that he just needed to send us in to camp because the rain had been so bad…it usually is about a fourty five min drive to the drill sight that is not far away ,but because the roads are so bad it takes a while.  We got everything ready to leave and we headed off.  Mr. Terry stayed behind because he needed to hold down the Waller compound.  Me, Teo, and four other boys that Mr. Terry hired left and it very soon started raining.  We made the call to give it a try.  We got about fifteen min then it started raining harder to Teo who was driving decided  with the rest of us we should not continue because if we got the truck stuck then that would be a long walk back home.  The road is narrow so we did not really have a place to turn around so we just sat there.  No one but me spoke english and though my spanish is not bad I had a hard time explaining to Teo that I didnt think the rain was going to stop and we prolly needed to try and turn around.  I was unsuccessful in this attempt, so we sat in the middle of the road for an hour waiting for the rain to stop I napped and thought about life and so on and so forth.  Finally a truck coming the other direction made it were we had to move our truck and then leading to us turning around and heading back.  Me and Teo spent the rest of the day making our pump station mold out of concrete.  It was a good day.

We woke up this morining and it was raining again so we could not go drill.  We are going to go on Monday and camp I think.  Me and Mr. Terry went fishing last night a block from the house with his cast net.  There is a really low area that fills up with water and so we were about to throw from the road and actually caught some small fish.  This morning we found out that at  that same time we were fishing about three blocks away there was a lynching of a young man here in San Julian.  I am telling this not for anyone to feel sorry, or for anyone to think that we are in danger ,or for a good story ,but simply because prayer is needed.  I dont really know much but listening to Mr. Terry talk who has lived here for seventeen years it sounds pretty bad.  This is the tenth lynching this year in Bolivia.  So pray for the people of this country, and for that matter the people of the states and the world.