So someone has got to tell the real story of what happened to Mr. Jarred Griffin.  It was a warm morning in March a crew had gone out to drill and on the way had stopped to check out a model homestead.  Upon arrival we all noticed the two rather large windmills that soared over the property.  Upon further inspection my counterpart ,Jarred, noticed a small litter of kittens stuck at the very top of the windmill.  Being the brave soul he is he knew it was his right no his obligation no his duty as a human being and more importantly as a Christian to save these lost creatures from certian death.  He began his free climb with nothing more than a used match, and pair of dirty socks and his camera just because it happened to be in his hand at the moment of need.  Being a speedy climber he made such good time that he was able to stop half way up for a wonderful kodak moment.  After a few photos he continued on up making quick work for what would have taken a normal person three days.  Upon reaching the summit he summoned the fourteen kittens upon his back and prepared for a quick decent when he suddenly noticed out of the corner of his eye two eagle wasps heading straight for the two smallest kittens in this abnormally large litter.  In a true moment of selflessness while risking certian death Jarred “The Juggernaut” Griffin flung his right thumb directly in the path of the eagle wasps.  Upon contact with the stingers that rival most swordfish instant pain shot through Jarred “The Juggernauts” body, but in this time of need he felt no pain. Jarred believes that pain is a choice.  He immediately noticed that the other humans on the ground were also in danger.  Quickly Jarred top roped off the windmill and face first repelled down the tower with the kittens still clinging to his back.  Reaching the ground Jarred placed each kitten in an individual large blanket with warm milk.  He then attended to the humans which were in harms way for the eagle wasps had been making haste directly towards them the whole time.  He then engaged an intense stare down of the winged creature killing them all instantly.  True bliss filled the air as all of the other humans rushed up to the man who had saved their lives.  It was sure a sight the Jarred “the Juggernaut” Griffin saves the day again. 

Tune in next week to see what the Juggernaut has in store for us.  (No animal or Human was injured in the ordeal.  The only injury sustained was the right thumb of the Juggernaut ,which will never have arthritis,  and a large gash in the open palm.  Notice no animals or Humans were injured for the Juggernaut is simply of another kind.

-Merely a mortal-

So today was a good day we drilled again.  It was a lot slower we hit 38 meters.  We are into very hard clay that is very tough to drill through.  We broke three couplers but got it all fixed fairly quickly and were back at it.  Today was Mrs. Kathys B-Day and the custom here in Bolivia is basically the the person whoes B-Day it is hosts the party ha.  So we had twenty Bolivian women here when I got back from drilling and they all brought their kids and dogs.  It was great.  Jarred you will get a kick out of this.  When we first arrived at the Wallers we were pumped because they had gotten fans for us and our rooms here at there house.  It was great for the first two nights that me and Jarred used the one we had.  Well it was late afternoon and I was about to jump in the shower and was cleaning up my room a little.  NOTE – I was not wearing shoes – My fan was kinda in the way and so with my right hand I reached to move it slightly to the left.  Upon doing so I suddenly recieved one of the most painful and terrifying thing I had ever felt/experienced.  I immediately felt a sensation/pain take over the right side of my body and not release for about two or three seconds/ days my body recieved a nice Bolivian shock from the outlet.  I physically was able to release my grip because my feet lifted off the ground when I used my 44 inch vertical.  If not for my wonderful leaping ability I might not have been able to tell this story.  For the rest of the day and until the next morning I was able to feel a tingling sensation in the right side of my body.  It was amazing.  Bolivia runs on I dont know what this means but 220…The States uses 110 I beleive.  I have no data to back this up but you do the math and go stick two pennys in the socket for three seconds.  but really it hurt but everything is safe here…Mr. Terry is ready for bed maybe tommorrow.