Last thursday night on the bus from La Paz to Rurre my camera was stolen on the bus. I did not realize it until later the next night and I thought I had left it on the bus or something. Me and Jarred went back to the terminal asked the man working if they had found a camera and if I could look on the bus. They told me I could tommorrow and they had not found one. I was mad and wanted to look then so we found the bus parked about fourty yards away on the street a block away from the police academy. While Jarred was on lookout I climbed up to the window and was able to get in. I searched that back of the bus and did not find anything. I did not want to spend to much time on the bus because I did not want any trouble with the owners who did not know I was on it or with the police a block away. I got off and we decided that we would ask the bus driver the next day. We got to the terminal early the next morning and asked and they said they had not seen a camera and that I could look on the bus. I looked again and nothing. I have had a good bit of time to think about it and yeah I am bummed that my carmera is gone. I also dont think that Jesus ever used a camera in his ministry. I think that he would have used the money for his camera and bought a windmill for a poor family so their cows would not die in the dry season. I am not trying to be profound or extremely deep or anything I am just saying. The rest of that night my world revolved completely around an expensive piece of whatever camera s are made of. I was completely consumed with finding this thing that I completely lost sight of why I was here in Bolivia. I am not saying that cameras or stuff is bad I mean it would be sweet to have a camera right now. I think that that is a ministry in itself being able to show people back home the peoples lives that ,hopefully by allowing Jesus to consume us ,we have touched in some way. It just hit me how silly it was to be so worried about a camera. I work and have worked with kids who dont have parents and have to pan the rivers in the summer to pay the small fee to stay in the Internada. Kids who at the age of twelve have dropped out of school and have nothing to do but make their living as the local neighborhood thief. Kids that know if their families lose their rice harvest they will not have enough food for the year. Yet these kids have the biggest smiles I have ever seen. They are the freaking coolest little creations of God. Huge brown eyes that are filled with their makers love. I was worried about a camera…. Its seems like the more clutter and stuff I fill my life with the more I worry I bring on. I guess it all boils down to where our priorities are. I dont know much about anything but I think that God def used this situation to teach me some things. Just think about it… -Addison-