Hola de Ixiamas! Believe it or not, I  only have 3 weeks left here in Bolivia, and only  couple of weeks with the kids! I am having all kinds of mixed emotions.

The kids at the Internado finishes their school year by the 3rd week of November.  I will be in the USA for 2-3 weeks in December to visit SIFAT,  then back to the Philippines for Christmas time.Yeah, time flies!  
 It has been an interesting and challenging time being in a new continent and a different culture from Asia.  As I mentioned earlier,  Bolivia I would say is a unique nation and very diversed compared to other Latin American nations.  I enjoyed the warm weather in the tropical jungle where I live with the Internado folks, and the same time,  I also enjoy my visits to the cold- weather highlands in LaPaz.   I see more and more the beauty of God`s creation in this place.   As I get to know more the culture and  the people I have come to appreciate more  this nation. I observe that Bolivianos seemed to be the most polite and the sweetest people I have met.  They are very humble people too but, they also have an interesting  way of expressing themselvesas their history have accounts of  a series of revolution, civil wars, political unrest, violence.Anyway, God has been so gracious to me allowing to be part of the ministry of SIFAT Internado, even though it was only for a short period of time. It has been a challenge, fun, adventure and a great blessing too. I had fun with the jungle tours I had been, the hike to the Falls, knowing all kinds of trees and shrubs, fishing piranhas with the alligators in a muddy river, and playing with the kids in the river. Washing my clothes in the river has been a normal way for me to have clean clothes.. For more than 6  months I survived without a phone!  I wish I could share more my fun and adventures here in Bolivia. But just to update you with the Internado folks.

Life Goes On in the Internado…

It’ Spring -Summer here in the tropics of Ixiamas. The weather is great at night and early mornings. And of course very warm on daytime.  Only two more weeks left for the kids to be in school, and It´s more challenge for Rachel and the dorm parents with the kids as they become more restless, awaiting for their grand school vacation. The kids are also busy with their school tests and completing their school requirements. 

Within the 6 month I have been, it seems to me that most of the kids have grown a inch taller, or maybe just my imagination. However, Snicker the used -to- be small pup has grown bigger for real. Scott the white-brown dog still chases the motorbikes, the pigs , chickens, and continues to pick up fight with the other dogs in town. He is now a mainstay on the road, and rarely visits Internado. Stronger the other dog, seem to support Scott more being on the road. The used to be three little pigs of Internado, are now two big fat pigs.

For about 2 weeks,  we had a new member in Internado, a brown squirrel that kids held in a small cage and became their pet. Rachel being merciful, let go of the poor little creature, and sent  back to the mother nature. Construction of the new building has done a lot of progress. The rabbit house is all ready for the rabbits to come.

I continue to take kids in the Internet to learn this technology. The kids are enjoying learning to write emails to our past interns. I really appreciate the Auburn interns as they faithfully answer each email of the kids.

Anyway, would appreciate your prayers for all of us as we finish the year. I would like to have a meaningful time with the kids for these coming weeks.

God bless yall!

Ciao, Vicky