The last week has been rather quiet around the Internado. Rachel is back and we are so glad to have her. Unfortunaelty she had to return to a lost puppy, sneakers. We did everything in our power to return her before Rachel got back, announcements over the radio in town, we even offered a reward. But, alas no found puppy. So to lessen Rachel’s pain, several of the chicas brought puppies to the internado to replace Sneakers. Needless to say after two new additions to the Internado zoo, Sneakers was found, and the Internado dog count was up five. Yet, the abundance of puppies was not to last, Hermano Matteo mandated that all puppies, excluding Sneakers, be returned to from whence they came.

Saturday evening we experienced our first Boivian beauty pagaent at the colegio. Satina, one of the chicas from the internado, was choosen as one of the 2 representatives from her class. In an indeavor to support her, me, Vicky, and Olivia decided to brave the crowds and attend the pagaent. The pageant turned out to be similar to the pagaents we were used to, except for the typical dress, which consists of costumes, with seeds, sunflowers and grass. It was very interesting. Unfortunaetly Satina did not win, but she looked stunning and maintained her grace throughout the show. It was a wonderful way for us to experience more of Bolivian culture before we have to leave.

Tu hermana in Christ- Katie