We have asked Practicum student Becky Forrest to let us publicly post the recaps e-mails to friends and family. Becky is an American and has just begun full-time missions after 29 years as an accountant. Through her posts, we hope you will understand a little more about what the Practicum is and what students are learning. Below is her most recent e-mail. Thanks for sharing with us, Becky!

Last week. Wow, I can’t believe the last week of training is here. It is bittersweet. I look forward to returning home, but I will miss my new family I have made here so very much. All 16 of us have gotten so close, and we realize most of us will not meet again until we see the pearly gates. I have gotten very close to two of the Nigerians, and maybe one day I will get to visit with them. I plan to stay in touch with email. The internet is a great tool for keeping in touch. Friday night we have our graduation ceremony, and it will be very special for all of us.
Last week, we learned about solar cooking, HIV and AIDS prevention, Christian sexuality and family planning, and we ended the week with “Where there is no Dentist”. We were shown a method taught to community health workers in developing countries of how to drill out tooth decay and fill it. A local dentist goes to countries and teaches this method. We had teeth set it plaster that we actually drilled with hand tools and filled glass ionomer cement. This last week we will be learning about “Where there is no Doctor”. The information we have learned in these 10 weeks is incredible and can be useful in so many places.
When I get home I look forward to sharing with anyone that wants to listen to me.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and regardless of the color of our skin or the language we speak we are all God’s children.