We have asked Practicum student Becky Forrest to let us publicly post the recaps e-mails to friends and family. Becky is an American and has just begun full-time missions after 29 years as an accountant. Through her posts, we hope you will understand a little more about what the Practicum is and what students are learning. Below is her most recent e-mail. Thanks for sharing with us, Becky!
I can’t believe I have been gone 2 months today. The time has just flown by. My brain is trying hard to retain all the information we have been learning. We have covered such a variety of subjects.
This past week we spent most of the time learning about microenterprise and microfinance. Our instructor was from the Chalmers Center at Covenant College at Lookout Mtn., Ga. He was a wonderful teacher and had spent 20 years in Africa helping to set up MFI’s. We learned about the premiere example, The Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. It is a fascinating story of how it has helped bring people out of poverty by making small loans for starting micro enterprise. If you have time Google it and find out more.
We also picked up again with Christian leadership. We worked out of a book the 3 Colors of Ministry. We answered 180 questions to determine our top 5 gifts out of 30. My top 2 were Missionary and Voluntary poverty. Can you believe that? I guess I am finally in the right field. God has been really confirming that I am doing his will in many different ways lately. I knew my life was never going to be the same after I came here, but it is really hard to explain how different my life seems now.
We cooked street foods on our cookstoves we made several weeks ago to show how money could be made from selling foods cooked over an open fire on the street. It was our lunch, and we all thought we would starve before we finally got everything cooked.
Thursday came food preservation, canning, it had been many years since I have done that but it is such a good way to preserve foods. Many things I have learned in my past have been very valuable with some of our lessons.
We had Friday off, so I learned how to blog on SIFAT’s website, so when I get to Bolivia everyone can keep up with me by reading the blog.

God Bless,