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SIFAT participates in Alabama Gives Day on Feb. 2!

On February 2, 2012 the Alabama Association of Nonprofits, in partnership with the Alabama Broadcasters Association, is taking one day to harness the power of individual contributions statewide. Never before in our state have Alabamians had the opportunity to come together in such a unique and synergized way to support hundreds of nonprofits like ours during a dedicated day of giving.Alabama Gives Day is supported by the Razoo Foundation, the Alabama Press Association, Alabama Giving, Intermark Group and hundreds of nonprofits in our state. Alabama Gives Day aims to make history by connecting new and existing donors with hundreds of Alabama nonprofits in just 24 hours. SIFAT needs your support to ensure that the citizens of our community are aware of this day of giving. Only through your support can we together make history and raise much needed funding to support numerous nonprofits located in our community! Will you please help raise awareness of Alabama Gives Day on February 2nd?

What could be an historic event is with one primary goal in mind: to help charitable organizations continue to provide a broad spectrum of aid across the state. “The Alabama Broadcasters Association is excited to participate in what will be an historic event for philanthropy in our state and possibly across the nation. Alabama radio and TV stations will join together in an effort to raise record amounts in gifts for charities across the state in a 24-hour period,” said Sharon Tinsley, President of the Alabama Broadcasters Association.

The History of the Gives Day Movement: The Gives Day movement began three years ago in Minnesota as a means to increase philanthropy and help grow the individual donor base of nonprofits.

In 2011, Minnesota’s Give to the Max day saw 47,538 donations totaling $13.4 million. Colorado Gives Day recently had 52,000 donations totaling $12 million. Residents in other communities that have organized a Gives Day have overwhelmingly shown their support through donations, and while the immediate benefit is huge, the ripple effects of giving have helped spur other philanthropic endeavors in these communities. According to organizers in Minnesota, Colorado, North Texas, Pittsburgh, Seattle and other communities with a Gives Day, a key ingredient to their success has been through the support of the local media. “Rarely do local TV, Radio and Newspaper groups have an opportunity to make such a large impact on behalf of dozens of nonprofits in their local communities in just one day,” said Russell A. Jackson, Gives Day Manager for Alabama. “Alabama Gives Day certainly makes for an interesting news story, but it’s more than that. This is a day to help fuel the nonprofits that make our state such a great place to live and to help jumpstart their 2012 efforts.”

How does Alabama Gives Day work? On February 2nd, from midnight to 11:59pm, Alabamians will be driven to a dedicated online giving portal powered by Razoo at where they will choose to make a gift to one or more of the hundreds of participating nonprofits. “Donors will choose the nonprofit(s) they want to support from a list of 12 areas of interest, i.e. Children and Youth, Animals, Health, Environment, etc.,” said Jackson. “It’s all about connecting them to the missions they are most passionate about, and hopefully to a nonprofit they’ve never supported.”

“Connecting individual donors to nonprofits, while also promoting the safety and ease of online giving, is critical to helping our nonprofits be sustainable,” said John Stone, President and CEO for the Alabama Association of Nonprofits. “Never before has an event of this magnitude taken place in our state. This will be a defining moment for Alabama nonprofits participating in the event and the impact will be felt far and wide. We’ve seen what Minnesota, Colorado and other Gives Days have done, and with Alabama’s strong tradition of giving we believe that history can be made on February 2nd.”

To learn more, visit To give directly to SIFAT during this event, click here. Remember, you’ll see our legal name (Southern Institute for Appropriate Technology), but you’re still donating to SIFAT (Servants in Faith and Technology)