We’ve gotten a little behind in posting cofounder Ken Corson’s SIFAT Remembers articles from the SIFAT Journal. The following article appeared in the April Journal. You can download the SIFAT Journal on our news page.

Because of our experiences of working with the church in Cuba, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and later in Bolivia, we were often asked to speak in churches on the subject of “missions.” In addition to telling our experiences, we were telling a part of what we essentially were and what we still are today. Our faith is what we believe in enough to act on. Some churches and people caught the vision of a holistic Gospel of faith and technology. We found that men especially were interested in things they could do with their hands for Christ.

Still there were times when faith and technology were greeted skeptically. Once while representing SIFAT in a seminary, a student looked at our display. “Faith and Technology?” he questioned. “What does technology have to do with faith?” Then he conceded, “Well, maybe….I went to Haiti, and I saw that the Gospel was not enough for Haiti. They are starving. They need food. I guess technology would be o.k. for them.”

Immediately, I knew something was wrong with his statement that the Gospel was not enough for Haiti. I responded, “Oh, the Gospel is enough for everyone in this world! It is YOUR CONCEPT of the Gospel that says it is not enough for Haiti!” God cares about every aspect of our being…our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our soul. We who minister in His name need to care about the whole person, and not just individuals, but the whole community as well. That is the integrated Gospel!