When our contruction efforts were done for the day, I was greated with the news that we can, once again, communicate with the outside world. There is not a whole lot of news to report, other than the fact that we can now read the e-mails you guys send…. Because last weekend was the aneversario de Ixiamas and most kids were gone, they thought it was a good chance for the newcomers to test out their cooking skills. The pizza on Saturday was a success, however the potatoes here in Bolivia are not extremely conducive to the making of hash browns as we found out on Sunday morning….. The kids began to return to the Internado throughout Sunday, and Olivia, Rachel, and Mateo arrived with the team that afternoon. They brought many pairs of glasses of various prescriptions and the second floor of the Internado was turned into a makeshift optomatrists office for Ixiamas. While half the team helped with that, the rest worked with me and hermano Juan setting and plumbing the forms for the second floor columns on their soon to be new building. A large number of people with whom I can speak my native language has been a treat. We are all well and send our love back home! Now that the internet is back, we should be back to our 2-3 updates a week. Until then!