Still in La Paz. I thank God for the opportunity to visit more La Paz while sorting out my visa issue. Yesterday I had to make an appeal  with the Migracion office to get the 59 day-visa intended for Filipinos, as the border gave me only 30 days,,,After prayer and asking for favor, the same guy helped me sorted it out..

It is interesting also this week as I meet different people in my trips (from Ixiamas to Lapaz, to Peru and back). Its amazing to be wiith different travellers and backpackers from all over the world. I  met some  guys from France, a Muslim lady from Morroco, a Kiwi guy (New Zealand) who lives in UK, a lady from Japan who also speaks Spanish. And today I am talking with a Jewish guy from UK…I wish I have more opportunity to share with them about God. Though I usually tell them I am Christian working with  a Christian org helping out some kids.

Tomorrow I m heading out to Rurre and Ixiamas.Im glad to see more LaPaz. This is my 2nd time to be here since I got here. Bully and his family is hosting me. As I go around La Paz I see more  the huge difference of it with the jungles of Ixiamas.,,,I saw the elite, the middle class and the majority of working class people. Im sorry I hate to segregate people by class, I just meant to describe the economic differences of the people. I realized how underprivilege the people in Beni (where Ixiamas is).However, life in the jungle is still good. People have more access to the blessing of nature. Coming here, I think I got the word “poor” redefined.  In the midst of nothingness and seemingly poverty around Ixiamas and the lowlands of Beni, I still see that God is just and fair. It is hard to explain but I know God still bless the so called poor people in different ways.

Just a quick update with the  Internado, just last week before I left, the kids had a mini olympics game with the colegio. The boys and girls have teams for basketball and football, and is suppose to be a series of games till Sept. On the first game last week, our kids did not do well, as they didnt get much time to prepare. And some of the boys were sick. Hopefully they get to prepare and practice more.

We also started the Bible Study groups two Sundays ago. We appreciate you praying for us.

Con amor,