The good news is that Sifat readers will no longer have to endure our blogs.  The bad news is that we have said our goodbys to some of the most amazing people we have had a chance to meet.  Today, I made my way here to Rurrenabaque with the last group of this year.  Abby, Katie, and Vicki have been here the last two days on a Pampas tour, and should be getting back in town any minute.  While Katie and Vicki will return to Internado, Abby and I will head to La Paz, and from there back to the states on Monday. 

Our time in Ixiamas has taught us far more than we could possibly ever have to share.  Through the Internado staff, the kids, and the people of the pueblo we have encountered the love of Christ constantly.  I personally have truly been blessed by this opportunity to serve and share.  While we are excited about seeing friends and loved ones back home, we will always remember the new friends we have made here in Ixiamas. 

The final group has truly been a blessing as well.  Through various bible school type activities they have really made an impact on the kids at Internado.  Last night, they specifically prayed with and for each kid, and lives were genuinely touched and changed.  They also finished most of the work on Internado´s new rabbit huch (all but the thatch roof, which no gringo has the expertise to weave….) and the second floor of the new building is progressing quickly. 

Thank you for your prayers and support throughout our stay here in Bolivia.  It has been an eye opening, life changing experience.  See you guys soon!

Bryan and Abby