We finally caught our flight to Rurrenabaque yesterday and began the treck to Ixiamas. We took a bus, then a ferry across the river, then hopped on the back of the truck for the 4 hour drive to the Internado. We met Rachels parents and sister who are incredibly nice. The drive was beautiful. The scenary was lush and green with mountains all the way around us. We were all surprisingly comfortable and had fun kareokeing for the ride which did not seem as long as it actually was. We were overjoyed to meet some of the children who were still awake last night, and jumped right in this morning. We have been getting acquainted with the Internado, the children, the schedule, the town, and our respective duties. I am really excited because I get to teach piano and work on building a new wood burning stove. We are also preparing for a Mothers Day program tomorrow which should be alot of fun! -Abby