We finished the well yesterday.  It is recharging to thirty meters.  Usually we need it to recharge to about fifteen from the top, being fourty one meters but Don Juan will pump it until it is recharging to the top.  We finished about middle of the day yesterday and then we went to the homestead about a mile away to throw the cast net and play a little in the pond because it was a pretty day.  We played till about four thirty then headed home.  We got about a mile away and the truck shut off.  We were not able to get it started again.  Mr.Terry had his cell phone thankfully so he got on the roof of the truck to get signal and he called Mrs. Kathy.  He wanted her to get the battery put it in the other truck SUV thingy and come get us.  She showed up an hour later in a cab.  She could not get the battery to work.  We left the truck and headed into town.  Then I had one of those moments in my life were I have no idea how I got to this place.  Ha Mrs. Kathy had made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and had brought them with bottled water with her.  I was in a cab with eight people eating cookies, covered in grease, driving at sunset through the prettiest backcountry I have ever seen.  It was ridiculous and such a God moment.  I could not help but laugh.  When we got to town we ate spaggetti and then got the other SUV working and headed back to get the other truck.  We got there and finally figured out that if we pull the drive shaft out of the back wheels then we can drive it home in four wheel drive using only the front two tires.  What had happened was all the bumps we hit on the bad roads because of the rain had crammed the Universal drive shaft into itself and broke some stuff in the back axil or something.  We tied up the universal drive shaft with a rope under the truck and got the truck working and were about to leave when we went to start the SUV and it would not start.  The battery was dead.  We did not have jumper cables but were able to push start it to start it.  Then we began the two hour ride back home in first gear.  We had to stop four times to put a knew rope under to hold the universal drive shaft because it was burning holes through the rope.  Finally we greased up an old T-shirt and put it between the rope and shaft and it worked.  We got home at about 12:45.  Then me and Mr. Terry and Mrs. Kathy sat in the kitchen and told delirious stories for about thirty minutes.  It was great.  This morning I woke up about the time for sunday school and played with the kids. After that me and Mary Lou watched High School Musical.  Then Mrs Kathy made homeade.  It was delicious.  It has been a great day.  I am about to go play soccer with the church people before church. Tommorrow the Wallers and I are heading to Santa Cruz.  Hopefully I will catch a bus to La Paz.  Mrs Kathy has to have surgery for her sinus problems so pray for that.  It will be sad leaving these wonderful people.  They have been great and a blast to be around.  I will also miss the food ha.  They have been such a blessing from God not just for me for two weeks but for all of the people in this area who they have touched.  Pray for safe travels. -Addison-