Our first test well that I talked about earlier we hit rock at about twenty meters.  There was water on top of the rock so we cased and started to develop the well.  It started rebounding and we were able to get about two liters a minute.  It is water but it is not enough for most families.  We decided to drill in the same area to see if we couldg get through the rock a little.  We drilled down and hit the rock and did not change shafts and we broke the steel pipe at the threads.  That was not fun but we did go to the hopital in town which is about a mile east away from the mountians.  We started yesterday and drilled for about an hour.  Today at lunch we are at 17 1/2 meters and it is a clay sand mixture.  I dont think that we are going to hit the rock and could possible get the third aquifer.  Be in prayer the whole proccess.  Also about the fact that we have to finish it quick because we are only here for five more days. Addison-