Training – Field Study: Meet One of Our Teachers

Our May Field Study is currently being held on SIFAT’s campus May 12-25. Sarah Murphree, SIFAT co-founder Sarah Corson’s great-niece, is a participant this year. She will be blogging about her experience and giving readers a glimpse of what types of appropriate technologies and community development topics are being presented, as well as a look into who some of the participants are.  A 2012 graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Sarah recently directed and produced two short films, one taking first place in the 2013 Nashville Film Festival. She is currently working on her third film, a documentary about Camp Koinonia.

Dr. Martin Price, founder of ECHO, came to speak with us about urban gardening, agricultural options for small farmers and managing a nonprofit. Martin and his wife, Bonnie, drove from Florida to educate us on these pressing topics.

Dr. Martin Price, founder of ECHO, taught us about urban gardening, agricultural options for small farmers and managing a nonprofit.

ECHO, Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization, is a nonprofit, interdenominational Christian organization working to help those internationally with the poor be more effective. They strive to honor God through sustainable hunger solutions.

Martin, a man of many talents, whose skills also include reciting beautiful poems and playing bluegrass music, had many great things to say. What I found most inspiring was his ability to always put God first. When Martin was creating his nonprofit, he never failed to thank God for what was provided for him, stressing the two most important traits he learned as founder of a nonprofit were integrity and humility.

Martin and Bonnie with some of the Field Study students, as well as SIFAT international training director Kathy Bryson and SIFAT executive director Tom Corson.

During the past 27 years, ECHO has done wonderful things worldwide. Throughout these years, Martin gained an abundance of knowledge working in the nonprofit world. The following quotes were some of the most thought-provoking things I couldn’t help, but take note of as Martin spoke. I hope they provide you with as much food for thought as they did me.

“Never exaggerate, absolute honesty.” – Martin Price

“Not ever battle is worth the cost to human relationships it will take to win the battle.” – Martin Price

“Never start something you can’t do well.” – Martin Price

“Some people may offer you money to do something you may not want to do. Never compromise your values for money.”  – Martin Price

“Never marry your organization or let your employees do the same.” – Martin Price

“If God gives you a big enough vision, you have to learn to be a manager.” – Martin Price