Training – Field Study: Water, Water Everywhere

 Our May Field Study was held on SIFAT’s campus May 12-25. Sarah Murphree, SIFAT co-founder Sarah Corson’s great-niece, participated this year. She has been blogging about her experience and giving readers a glimpse of what types of appropriate technologies and community development topics are being presented, as well as a look into who some of the participants are.  A 2012 graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Sarah recently directed and produced two short films, one taking first place in the 2013 Nashville Film Festival. She is currently working on her third film, a documentary about Camp Koinonia.

One of the subjects covered during the Field Study was the need for clean water. Alabama Water Watch, a water quality monitoring program covering all major river basins of the state, came to educate us about water quality. We watched informative videos and learned about the need for clean water globally. We then had the chance to test the water here at SIFAT.

Clean water was one of the main topics covered during the Field Study.

Field Study participants got out of the classroom to collect samples from Mad Indian Creek, which runs through our campus.


We went down to the creek, took samples of the water and observed them. It was a wonderful sunny day, and we all enjoyed wading near the water for a little bit. After our training, we all became certified water monitors. We received certificates, and each of us now has the knowledge to test physical and chemical characteristics of water to determine pollution sources. So wherever we may travel, with our water kit handy, we can determine clean water!

Enjoying the sunshine and playing in the water isn’t your typical classroom experience!

Field Study participants examined the results after sampling water from Mad Indian Creek and learning from Alabama Water Watch how to find contaminated water.

Instructors from Alabama Water Watch joined the Field Study for the day to teach this technology.