So after supper Rachel asked me if Jarred and I had any plans. (This is last night) We were planning on maybe playing chess with some of the kids and perhaps watching a movie. ha…she needed us to take two of the girls to the hospital because they needed teeth pulled and could not wait anymore. The moto is once again broken so we would have to walk. I went and got Jarred because I did not want to walk alone, because as Jarred put it any robber that sees him coming will most def think twice. The hospital is very centrally located in the exact opposite corner of the outskirts of town. We started that way with Pamela and Irma, after a brisk evening walk we arrived at the hospital were we found the waiting room very easily by sitting on the benches in the hall….we sat for about five minutes and heard a few screams here and there nothing much or according to the girls out of the ordinary. As i listened to the screams it took me a while but I finally noticed a pattern thinking nothing of it I just kept talking to Jarred about how he just used the wrong bathroom and there were what we thought motos for sale in the waiting room/hospital hallway. Suddenly we heard what sounded like a baby crying. I knew I heard it but was not sure what it was I looked at Jarred and asked if he heard that and he was busy reading the walls and wondering why the sign outfront did not say they treated men here…ha…I looked at Irma who confirmed what I had thought in the first place. By motioning here hands as if to throw me a hot potato I understood that we had just heard the sound of a baby being born about three doors down….it was pretty amazing. That was definately a first for both of us. haha…We then got to check on one of our little girls that lives in the internado who was in the hospital. She had fallen off a log while harvesting rice and cut herself pretty badly but is now ok so it was a good night for us. Pamela still has not gotten to get her tooth pulled because the dentist was busy so hopefully today after school.