Uganda: Agape Total Childcare Center opens school today!

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As many of you may know, Agape Total Childcare Center in Uganda had to move last month from Lugazi to Mukono. Because of unforeseen circumstances, William is forced to open the Agape Christian School now; he has been given one month by the Ministry of Education and municipality authorities to bring the school into compliance with Ugandan regulations. We need your support to open the school immediately, so the older children living at Agape will be able to attend secondary school this year.

The Ministry of Health gave Agape until January 2012 to move to Mukono from its Lugazi location because the buildings did not meet requirements for the number of children living together. They outgrew the space as more orphans came to live at Agape and many of the children became teenagers. William planned to transport the older kids by truck to the nearest secondary school many kilometers from their home, while the younger children attended a school within walking distance. Unfortunately, law enforcement now says he cannot transport the students in an open truck, and he has received citations and fines for doing so. Because of this, William realized he must open the Agape secondary school, although the building is not ready.

Agape needs your help! The school needs to be finished and furnished now. We need your help to make it operational and to meet all legal requirements. Please sponsor any of the items below to help furnish the classrooms and finish construction.

To equip the school:

  • Blackboards $240
  • Lab Equipment $8,400
  • Temporary Kitchen $ 800
  • Dishes, pots, cups $ 240
  • 70 Desks @ $64 each $4,480
  • School Supplies $2,000

To finish the construction:

  • Restroom Facility $4,115
  • Painting $2,175
  • Covered Veranda $1,790
  • Ceiling $1,725
Please designate Agape–School on your donation. To donate in honor or memory of someone, include his or her name and address with your gift.
Background History of Agape Total Childcare Center
New school at Agape

William Nsubuga moved to the United States after surviving the Rwandan genocide. In 1997, he attended SIFAT’s community development training, and although he lived in Birmingham for the next 10 years, he never forgot what he learned and never lost his desire to help HIV/AIDS orphans in Africa. In 2007, William completed SIFAT training again in preparation for his move to Uganda.

In 2008, William founded Agape Total Childcare Center in Lugazi, Uganda. He opened the doors to children aged 6 to 12 who lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS and had no place to live. William envisioned Agape being a Christian home for these children, a place where they could be safe, feel loved, attend school and receive medical attention when needed. He eventually wanted to open a Christian school for both the residents of Agape and local students.
In addition to limited living space in Lugazi, nightclubs and bars became their next door neighbors. This environment was not conducive to studying or sleeping. William bought land in Mukono, and in 2011, the first SIFAT mission team arrived to begin working on facilities for the new child-care center, which would include an administration building, dormitories and a Christian secondary school.

To donate to this project, please designate your gift Agape-School. You can mail a check to SIFAT, 2944 County Road 113, Lineville, AL 36266 or donate online.

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