Uganda: Sunday at Agape (Jackson Update)

Glen Jackson, a member of the SIFAT board of directors, and his wife Marie are currently in Uganda for a month visiting Agape Total Childcare Center. Glen and Marie have gone on short-term mission trips to serve at SIFAT graduate William Nsubuga’s project for the past two years and are leading a team this summer. They will be sharing their experiences with us as they experience life in Mukono! Click here to read more about SIFAT’s work in Uganda.

Today was a glorious day in worship to the King of Kings and Lord of the whole Earth! What a blessed day here at Agape! Moses, the young man that Glen baptized last summer, preached a short sermon.

Moses preached this Sunday!

Amazing how God used him! Glen’s sermon had some of the same Scriptures in it. How encouraging for both of them to see how God speaks through His servants! A day of praise and worship, special music, and joy abounding!

Grammy dancing during church!