Uganda: Tuesday and Wednesday (Jackson Update)

Glen Jackson, a member of the SIFAT board of directors, and his wife Marie are currently in Uganda for a month visiting Agape Total Childcare Center. Glen and Marie have gone on short-term mission trips to serve at SIFAT graduate William Nsubuga’s project for the past two years and are leading a team this summer. They will be sharing their experiences with us as they experience life in Mukono! Click here to read more about SIFAT’s work in Uganda.

Tuesday, 2/26:

Today we taught in S-1 and S-2 classes for Bible. There are many new students in these classes, and we were so thankful to be able to teach them! We taught from Romans 3, 5, and 6, trying to present a clear plan of salvation. We discovered that words that we easily understand have different meanings to them. For example, demonstrate meant a rebellion to the law. When in the context that we were teaching, it means shows or proves! WOW! What a confusing thing for them! But that is what we need to understand in order to teach them correctly. They are so eager to learn, so attentive and respectful.

Glen teaching

Having visiting Americans teach is exciting for the students! Glen leads a Bible class, while Marie teaches music.

The footings are complete, and the walls are going up on the kitchen. The African people are hard workers. Moses is the head brick mason. You will remember that he is the man that Glen baptized in July!

We made another long trip to Kampala for shopping and for once Grammy is tired of shopping! Miracle!

We are building good relationships with the new staff at Agape. Eve is the headmistress, Stella is the administrative assistant, and Winifred is the Matron. They are so wonderful and a great asset to the school.

Please continue to pray for health. Annet is better, but is finishing her malaria treatment. Eve is also taking malaria treatment. Zion has been really sick and on IV treatment for malaria.

Below are two pictures from church this past weekend. Love you all and appreciate your prayers! ~ Glen and Marie

Lillian gives a new student a Bible.

During a church service held at Agape, Lillian (right) gives one of the new students a Bible.

Church at Agape

Church services at Agape include worship in English and Lugandan. The children of Agape actively participate by leading songs and sharing Scripture.

Wednesday, 2/27:

Today was spent teaching three Bible classes in the morning on salvation and discipleship. It was challenging in some ways as we saw how difficult the English language can be when one word can have so many different meanings! However, it went very well, and we are encouraged that they are understanding much more.

agape billboard

New billboards advertize Agape Christian Academy for boarding and day students!

This afternoon was music class for me (Marie) for 2 hours! I discovered that there are MANY ways to teach music, and I am so excited to be able to share my knowledge of how I learned. They do NOT use staff and notes here, so the music teacher is excited to be in my class also! I am excited to learn his method. Glen is doing an excellent job. A natural!!!

~ Glen and Marie