Village Store Christmas Sale

We are excited to offer items from the Village Store for Christmas this year. We are starting to build our online storefront, so check back often as we add new items. Currently, you can find books written by our co-founders Ken and Sarah Corson; merchandise to show your support of SIFAT – t-shirts, water bottles, stickers and sunglasses; wooden, tagua and masapan angels from Ecuador; and wooden plates and cutting boards from Bolivia.

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International Team Coordinator Peggy Walker and Promotions and Marketing Coordinator Marie Lanier buy merchandise for the SIFAT Village Store from store owners, micro-enterprise groups and artisan markets. Each piece in the store has been hand selected and the artisan paid a fair wage.

The SIFAT Village Store is dedicated to the support of microenterprises started by the indigenous people with whom we work throughout the world. SIFAT will use the profits from your purchase to continue sharing God’s love in practical ways.


Often, multiple generations and languages are part of the shopping experience. Peggy and Marie refer to this shop as “Abuela’s Store” because of its owner. The grandmother (Abuela) and her husband have become our friends, though we sometimes rely on her children and grandchildren to translate as we not only need Spanish and English to complete orders, but also Kichwa, a native language.

If you would like to visit The SIFAT Village Store in person, please call the SIFAT office at 256.396.2015 to make an appointment with Marie or Peggy. If you have questions or need more information about a product, please email

The Saturday market in Otavalo, Ecuador, is the largest in the world. It covers not only a large plaza, but extends into side streets to cover several blocks.