We are almost finished with our first week here in Ixiamos, and it has been very educational. This week we definitly started off as the students, starting with me and Olivia’s lesson on peeling carrots, potatoes, and onions, (there really isn’t a special method, it’s pretty self explanatory, which we learned from the look on Roxie’s face when we asked her how) to our first time washing clothes in the river. Things that the kids have known all of there life and are somewhat non-traditional for us. It has been great to learn from them, and to begin helping them with computer, english, sewing, and guitar lessons.

Yesterday we visited Miguel’s (a student at the internado) home and family. He is from Tahua, a very small farming community, techniacally two hours away, but for us four. The mud delayed us for a bit, but only increased the joy of being there. Miguel will be the first student from the internado to graduate. His family was so welcoming and friendly, they fed us a delicious meal, showed us around their farm and saw mill, and introduced us to their extended family. It was a really great opportunity to hear from one of the families who are so greatful for the internado and the opportunity that it provides. It just really impressed upon us the importance that the internado plays to these kids and their families. It was an exciting trip into the life of one of the students we see everyday.