Monday morning we left to go finish the well Teo, Darwin, Benito, Teos son, Don Juan, and myself. We planned to camp for one night or so. We got to the drill sight unloaded our stuff and started cleaning out the hole. You have to clean the hole of all the stuff that has settled before making progress down. At about eleven it started raining. So we breaked and were gonna start back when the rain stopped. Meanwhile we all huddled under a ten by ten tarp. Well the rain did not stop until about five that night. We ran to the house at about three thirty to start supper ,and the house was flooded. We had tents to sleep in but no dry ground, but Teo has a small house at his homestead about a half a mile or more away to we walked over there after eating supper at about fourt thirty to go to sleep. We arrived at Teos house and we realized that his house could only accomodate one tent and we needed tents because the bugs and such. Being the largest and the one who understands the least I was choosen to sleep outside in a tent. I didnt think much of it I have camped several times and was kinda excited. I put a tarp down and then the tent on it and immediately water soaked through into the tent, But Mr. Terry packed six tents for some reason so I put two more under what would be mine and benitos and it was dry. We doubled the Tarp over the top of the tent that was missing a pole and falling down and it was good. It was the uglyest shelter I have ever seen, but it was dry. We went to bed at about six. The next day was great we got a lot done and I cant remember what our depth was that day but it was a good day. We woke up this morning and just needed four meters of sand to case it and get home. We finally hit sand at about eleven and then were about to case at about five. In this well we; Broke the top handle seven times, Lost the rig and fished it out from thirty meters twice, got the rig stuck and had to winch it out once, broke the rope once, ate rice seven times, dropped a threader in the drill shaft once (by we on this one I mean I dropped threader in the drill shaft). We finally cased it at 175 ft or so.  Its crazy to think so deep with a six meter steel pipe and the rest PVC all by hand.  It was a great three days.  I talked to God a lot because their was no one to talk to in english.  I also probably learned more spanish than I have my entire time here.  Three days no english is harder than I thought but my spanish was pretty good by day three.  It was a blast…kinda…ha. -Addison-