A team from from Georgia came here from June 15-19, They  left last  weekend with  Rachel to Rurre and to LaPaz. The team had been a great blessing to us as 
well as to the townsfolk with the eyeglasses they brought. 
We had about 100 people that came for 2 days, (I dont have the exact number). There is no eyeglass shop nor eyeclinic here that I know in Ixiamas that is why the team was a great blessing. I saw beaming and smiling faces of people when they come out of intornado having their new eyeglasses on.
Rachel asked me and the interns to  learned the skill of checking the eyes for reading only and for simple correction.
After the team left,  the interns and I continue to take people
for eye check up and glasses! It´s fun. 
While Rachel is away and all the kids trying to keep the intornado well. 
We have pigs to feed and the dogs, and clean everything, same time the 
are working on their projects, the building construction´(stoves, etc.) 
_One time the pigs tried to escaped, Brian  ran to the woods 
and chased the pig back to their fence with the help of the 3 girls and Scott (the little 
dog). Again, thank God for the team that came, they had been a great blessing and encouragement to all the workers in the Intornado and to me personally.