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International Projects

Other SIFAT international (non-team) projects:

These most deserving SIFAT approved projects are located in places where we are not able to take teams at this time. All are led by SIFAT Training alumni and are in need of support by SIFAT donors. Please read about these projects. Many of these men and women are forced to use pseudonyms as their work and their safety could be compromised if their real names were used.

Prayers and donations are needed for each person and project. Instructions to donate are listed below. Visit our Donate Page to financially support one of these projects – just designate which project in the notes section!

Note: We are in the process of updating our approved projects below. Please check back soon for the latest opportunities to support our graduates. Until then, you can download our most recent Journal and read the article on page 7 for the latest about our international projects.


Pastor Ogbatabo

SIFAT graduate and former intern, Pastor Ogbatabo* is a minister in Nigeria. Part of his ministry is giving seminars to teach how to build fuel-efficient stoves and bio-sand water filters. Pastor Ogbatabo teaches school children, widows and municipal leaders from surrounding communities in these seminars. He has helped a group of widows learn to make the stoves, then sell them through microenterprise to support their families.

History: Fuel-efficient stoves are needed for two main reasons: wood is increasingly scarce and expensive to purchase and smoke inhalation is the fourth leading cause of sickness and death among women and children in the developing world. The model Pastor Ogbatabo teaches can solve both of these problems. Through teaching a needed appropriate technology, he is able to build bridges of love and trust and break down prejudice. Although a Christian minister, he offers classes for both Christians and Muslims in an area where relationships between the two religions are volatile.

These seminars demonstrate the integrated Gospel and people are drawn to Christ through them.  They help the poor have a skill to make a living, improve the health of women and children, reduce deforestation and water related diseases, and show the Love of God through word and deed.

Need: Pastor Ogbatabo needs help to fund his plan of holding seminars for the next three years. Donations to this project should be designated  Pastor Ogbatabo—Nigeria.

*Ogbatabo is a pseudonym for our graduate in Nigeria. Because of his work in Nigeria, we want to protect his identity for his safety. To read some of the updates in past Journal articles, click here.



SIFAT graduate S.* is from Pakistan. He used half of his inheritance to start a Christian school in an impoverished rural village. The school accepts both Christians and Muslims, offering a regular curriculum including Bible during the day and literacy and vocational skills in the evenings. Today, 280 children attend this school and more are on the waiting list. Friendships between these traditionally hostile religions are developing. What a great way to reach into the heart of a Muslim country with the message of Jesus to change a society from the inside out with love!

History: S.’s school offers kindergarten through 8th grade. To graduate high school and enter university, students need to complete 10 grades. To meet educational standards and offer the final two grades for his students, S. needs to build a science lab and procure a computer and copier for educational materials.

Need: The cost for building the computer lab and buying the computer and copier is $3,015. Donations to this project should be designated School—Pakistan.

*S. is a pseudonym used for our graduate to protect his identity and safety. To read more about his ministry and how he is reaching out to his Muslim community, download these past Journal articles.



Martha & John Partor in Liberia

John and Martha Partor, both SIFAT graduates, minister to those whose lives have been uprooted in their war-torn country of Liberia. They understand the victims because they lived in a refugee camp for two years, lost their home and watched family members die because of war. The Partors bring God’s message of peace and forgiveness into the lives of the survivors tormented by the violence they experienced.

History: Although their own home was destroyed, the Partors have a vision for a building that would not only be their house, but would serve as an office for their ministry, FIM-Liberia, and would be a guest house for homeless people. They want to help the homeless temporarily living with them learn a trade or microenterprise. The estimated cost of the building when construction began in 2010 was $10,000.

Need:  The estimated cost of the building when construction began in 2010 was $10,000. They still need a roof, windows and doors.  Donations to this project should be designated Partors—Liberia.

Learn More: Read about John and Martha in past Journal articles.



Lieu Dea

SIFAT graduate Lieu Dea is from the Ivory Coast, where he began Association Chretienne de lute contre la Pauvrete/Christian Association of Fight Against Poverty (ACLCP). Lieu helps farmers produce better crops and healthier farm animal stock, and he brings the Gospel message that reduces spiritual poverty as well as economic poverty. Farmers participating in his training return for continuing education and sharing. Lieu helped this group of farmers receive loans for seed and fertilizer. They now need a truck to share, so they can take their produce to markets to sell and have transportation to trainings.

History: ACLCP is a grass-root, faith-based organization committed to training and providing capital to subsistence farmers and small business owners. In the last three years, ACLCP has trained more than 1500 men and women and extended its small loan program to more than 500 farmers and small business owners. They have seen measurable success and now are seeking to expand their program to address the need of supplying livestock farms with the needed inputs to boost their production and to take their produce to the local markets.

Current Need: Their proposal requests $20,000 to purchase a heavy duty truck necessary to equip them with a reliable means to supply both the farms and the local markets. Donations to this project should be designated Lieu Dea—Truck.

Learn More: Read more about Lieu in past Journal articles.